Caring Lay Ministry

The Caring Lay Ministry of Sedona United Methodist Church functions in areas that support, provide resources, and assist members of our faith community through difficult times. Assisting in finding God’s purpose and how God’s work might be done through each of us in adversity, the Committee promotes wellness and positive outcomes.

“We are a fellowship that cares for one another”

The Caring Lay Ministry strives to focus on that purpose. The Caring Ministries of Sedona United Methodist Church include the following:

  • Caring Cards and Calls: A member of the Committee weekly checks on members who are absent from active worship and activities.
  • Friend to Friend Visitation: A team of trained volunteers visit those members that are unable to participate actively in church activities taking God’s Love to each
  • Memorials and Celebrations: A team is available to arrange Memorial Receptions and Significant Celebrations within the church.
  • Prayers and Squares: A Quilting Ministry that makes lap size quilts that are blessed at church & tied with prayers by church members for those undergoing difficult challenges in which being ‘wrapped in prayers’ of their church family can promote healing.
  • Soul Food: Program in which neighborhood volunteers provide meals to families or individuals needing nutritional help during crisis times.
  • Wellness Ministry: Parish Nurse Consultant is available for wellness education, advocacy, resources, and support to all of our family of faith. Programs include monthly Blood Pressure Screen, Wellness Children’s Ministry moments, VBS First Aid Station, Lending Closet of Durable Medical Equipment at the church office, Wellness programs and information for groups, home or hospital visits as needed, Wellness Programs and Workshops.

If you have any questions, please contact the office at Sedona United Methodist Church 282-1780 or email the church office at