Lenten Greetings to our SUMC Family & Friends

As we prepare our hearts for Easter Resurrection Sunday, I began to reflect once again on the “True and Amazing Gifts” that God gave to creation through the life of Jesus Christ.

Lent is truly a time to grow more deeply in God’s grace, and in relationship with God. It is a time in which I do believe we are called to make time to contemplate these amazing gifts given to us. Lent is not designed to be a spectator event, but instead we are invited to join in this journey as active participants. This year for Lent you might add a spiritual exercise or discipline to your life. SUMC is offering two opportunities for a Lenten Bible study at two different times—I encourage you to
attend. Or you may want to participate in some act of kindness.

I think of the gift that Jesus gave in becoming one of us and walking, teaching, experiencing and showing us the purpose of life. I think of the unbelievable gift of forgiveness that God gave creation, a gift given free of charge, no strings attached—a gift that cost God so much and benefitted humanity in ways that are immeasurable. The precious gift of inviting us into God’s very presence—into an intimate relationship for all eternity. A tearing away of all barriers through the tearing of Christ’s own flesh—No longer does anything or anyone stand between God and us. We
know God loves us, but the message of Easter reminds us again—the gift of abundant, unconditional, and unlimited love that comes to us through Jesus Christ.

And as we enter once again this most holy time of the year, as we stand and cheer the arrival of Christ—as we journey with Christ through his final week here on earth—we are reminded of the truest of all the gifts that God gives and Christ brings. Turning tragedy to triumph, bringing life from death—we remember the greatest gift of all—the hope, joy, and peace that comes through knowing—“Savior Divine, forever mine. No longer blind, now Christ I see.”

I look forward to joining you in the culmination of our Lenten Journey this year as we celebrate together—

Palm Sunday, March 28th featuring a “Procession of the Palms”, joyous music, and a celebratory atmosphere.

Holy Maundy Thursday, April 1st where we will offer a short service at 6:00 p.m. which will include music and Holy
Communion in remembrance of the Last Supper.

Good Friday, April 2nd beginning at 7:00PM we gather in one of the most powerful services of the year to remember and reflect on the “Passion of Christ”, a dramatic & powerful Service of Shadow and Remembrance as we walk with Jesus through the final hours of His earthly life. You do not want to miss this service as we prepare for His glorious and incredible resurrection on Easter Sunday!

Easter—Resurrection Sunday, April 4th we begin the day with a Sunrise Service @ 6:30am on the patio—come and
watch the sun rise on this glorious morning in God’s creation as we worship outdoors. You are also invited to join us for our 9:30am Traditional Service.

Grace & Peace,

Pastor Fred