Everything we know about Mary Magdalene is contained in a dozen references to her in the four Gospels of the Holy Scriptures. So, who was Mary Magdalene?

Mary Magdalene is one of the most important women mentioned in all the Bible. She is also one of the most slandered individuals in scripture—People have been making up stories about her for over two thousand years. Much of this widespread disparagement of Mary Magdalene’s character can be attributed to those who want to challenge the truth of the Gospels, for she is a key witness who certainly must be discredited.

But Mary Magdalene cannot be held down! People might try to make things up about Mary, conflate her with other women and otherwise attempt to misrepresent and defame her, but you cannot discount her role in Jesus’ death and resurrection. She, along with a couple of other women, and only one of the twelve disciples, was one of the few with the loyalty and courage to show up at the time Jesus needed her the most—When almost every other supporter and follower had gone into hiding.

Mary Magdalene is first mentioned in Luke 8: 1-3. She appears to have been from the town of Magdala; consequently, Mary Magdalene. Here we read of certain women accompanying Jesus and the twelve. We are told that Jesus had healed these women and that they “…ministered unto him of their substance.” Mary Magdalene was one of these women—and a critical figure in the ministry and mission of Jesus Christ.

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