This week at Sedona UMC, we will study one of the Lord’s parables—But what is a parable anyway? The best definition I’ve ever heard is simply this: “A parable is an earthly story with a heavenly meaning.” I really like that definition; the Bible gives us about 40 to 50 of these short stories with deep meaning for us. This week’s parable of the “Tenants in the Vineyard will help us reflect upon our own lives from God’s point of view.

In this story Jesus is very close to the cross. Luke 20:1 tells us that Jesus was teaching the people and preaching the gospel to them. He is healing the blind and lame people who came to Him in the Temple, but when the chief priests and scribes saw the wonderful that things Jesus did, they were greatly offended.

This is pretty amazing when you think about it, and it helps us understand how much they despised the Lord and were threatened by Him. They had been wanting and plotting to kill Jesus for over a year now. And in this week’s Scripture those evil rulers confronted the Lord in the Temple.  With this parable of the vineyard tenants Jesus is telling the story of their rebellion against God, rejection of His Son, and their eternal ruin – and these religious leaders knew it.

With this background in mind, we are invited to think about the story of our own lives and how the Lord would tell our story.  I know most would want it to be the exact opposite of this story—And the good news is that it can be! Join us this week at Sedona United Methodist Church as the Rev. Fred Mast shares an inspired message entitled “Writing Our Story”.

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