On Friday, He will head to the cross. But our text this week is the day after His inauguration, His coronation, His triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Hosanna in the highest,” as tens of thousands of people hailed Him as the King, the Messiah, the Deliverer, the Savior.

It was a wonderful day in one sense, because He was receiving praise that is due His name. The procession had really begun far outside the eastern gate, as Jesus, coming from Bethany, had already gathered a large group of people with Him, and another large mass of people inside the city were coming to meet Him.

And it is to the temple that Jesus comes and introduces us to one of the most amazing and marvelous scenes of this last week of his life. We see the presentation of Jesus’ messianic credentials. I believe what He does is give the populace of Jerusalem, and most specifically the chief priests and scribes, a truly clear testimony as to the nature of his kingliness and the nature of his kingdom. He makes a statement here that could never be misunderstood.

The people had tried to take Him and make Him a king by force so that He would overthrow Rome and provide all that they needed socially and economically and militarily. But throughout His ministry, He had resisted those attempts. Whenever they tried to make Him a king, He resisted it. He was saying, in effect, “The nature of My kingdom is not as the kingdoms of this world.”

But still, in their hearts they hoped that He would take control, that He would overthrow the Roman oppression, that He would free them to the nobility they themself believed that they should have, the nobility that comes only to free people. But Jesus was on a different kind of mission.

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We wanted to send you a special invitation to join us this Sunday for a very special worship service in which we will finally celebrate the Re-Dedication of our Handbells. You will be treated to some special music from our Bell Choir and you will not be disappointed!  We will also continue our journey with Jesus with the sermon series “What If It’s True” as Pastor Fred brings part 1 of a two-part message entitled “A Mission from Above.”

We also wanted to remind you of the Two Fer Tuesday Mission with an “EXTRAVAGANZA DONATE DAY” this coming Tuesday, June 29th from 9am – 4 pm.  You can drop your donations off at the church or in West Sedona at Café Jose in the Safeway Shopping Center.  (You can also bring your donations on Sunday to the church where we have drop boxes!)  We are supporting the Yavapai Reentry Project and onetruegod.shop.  Many of the individuals coming out of Yavapai Co. detention have NOTHING so we will be partnering and supporting Yavapai Reentry Project “Welcome Home” baskets to show our encouragement, our love, and our support for their successful reentry into society. It is a hand up, and not a handout.  Items needed for the baskets include hygiene products like toothbrushes/toothpaste, body wash or soap, deodorant, shampoo, brushes/combs, shaving cream/razors, lotion or sunscreen, healthy snacks, sunglasses and encouraging notes.  Monetary donations are accepted being made payable to Sedona United Methodist Church with the notation of YRP in the memo section.  Many of these individuals have made a single bad decision that has landed them in jail. Our handwritten notes of encouragement, donations to their baskets, and uplifting tee shirts will affirm our confidence in the principle that these “neighbors” deserve another chance—that’s “Grace”. Amen!

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