The author of 1st John shares that we are to love one another—That is to love our sisters and brothers. This group of first-century Christians for whom 1st John was originally written were in conflict about just about all aspects of their lives. Conflict over theology, teachings, morals, and community. And this was just amongst the “community of believers”.

They had difficulties in loving those who belonged to their own group who believed as they did. Imagine the challenge this teaching brought for them in loving those outside of their core group, their community of faith. But the whole foundation of 1st John’s context suggests otherwise. If we love others as God has loved us, there can be no boundaries, no separation, or division. God’s love, made visible and present in Jesus, is the source of the love we are to share with others.

Jesus ignored the limits that religious communities and leaders imposed. He ate and talked with people whom the religious leaders had rejected as heretics, as sinful, and as unworthy. He touched those who were deemed untouchable and welcomed those who were outcasts. His harshest words were reserved not for the impure, but for the unloving—The self-righteous people who saw some of God’s children as unworthy of their love.

Jesus shows us what God’s love is like and shows us there can be no doubt how unconditional our love for others must extend—Every single one.  Join us this week at Sedona United Methodist Church as the Rev. Fred Mast shares an inspirational hope filled message entitled “Jesus Loves the Little Children”.

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