Peter would never forget that terrible moment when their eyes met. Did he see in Jesus’ gaze some hint of disappointment or reproach? We cannot venture so far; the inspired record says only that “the Lord turned and looked upon Peter.” (Luke 22:61) But in that one glance, Peter saw the depth of his own failure. He realized that he had just done the very thing that Jesus had foretold, the one thing that Peter had insisted he would never do—he had disowned his beloved Master. It was a low point for Peter, perhaps the worst moment—the worst day of his life.

Like Peter, many today seek to follow Christ “at a safe distance”—in such a way that no one else will really notice. But as Peter himself later wrote, the only way to truly follow Christ properly is to stick as close to Him as you possibly can, imitating His example in all things, regardless of the consequences. (1 Peter 2:21)

Now, again, Peter finds himself on the shore of the lake where he had spent much of his earlier life; much of it with Jesus. The creaking of the boat, the lapping of the waves, the feel of the coarse nets in his hands must all have seemed comfortingly familiar. And now just at dawn, a figure called out and urged the fishermen to cast their nets on the other side of the boat—A voice he knew well—A voice of forgiveness and endless chances.

Join us this Sunday at Sedona United Methodist Church as our Young Life Area Director Jon Boothe will be our guest preacher bringing a message of hope base on the Gospel of John 21:15-19.

Sunday mornings we enter the spirit of worship at 9:30am for (On-site/In-Person) featuring meaningful and uplifting music, special times of prayer and passionate life changing messages designed to move you closer in your relationship with Jesus Christ and others. We look forward to seeing you!

As we strive to keep our congregation and community safe and healthy, we will observe physical distancing and limited seating worship. Additional precautions per CDC and AZDHS recommendations will be in place and details can be found on our website as well as the opportunity to reserve your seat for worship.

We will continue to also offer an amazing Spirit Filled On-Line Worship experience each week—You are invited to access worship or information through our website ( or by calling the church office (928-282-1780).

February 23rd—March 30th, you’re invited to join in our Lenten Study on Tuesdays at two times Via Zoom at 10:30am (Contact office for access code)—and in-person in West Sedona at the Gathering Place from 2:00-3:00 p.m. Our study will feature “Restored-Finding Redemption In Our Mess” – by Tom Berlin. All are welcome and invited.

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