The Bible refers to donkeys over seventy times. In Scripture, they are always depicted as work animals or riding animals. That is their lot—They plow fields and carry loads. If you were to travel to the Holy City of Jerusalem, you might see these beasts of burden in action. The local merchants use them as cargo carriers—In fact they are nicknamed, “Jerusalem Jeeps.”

Even the name ‘donkey’ speaks of the nature of these animals. The Hebrew word translated “donkey” literally means “animal under the yoke.” It is the image of an animal that has been brought under control and is governed by the will of its master. The yoke of the owner forces the donkey to do his bidding.

There is another donkey mentioned in the New Testament—It is Palm Sunday and Jesus is to make His triumphant entry into Jerusalem. The disciples are told where to go to find an animal, hitched to a post. They were to say, “The Master has need of it” and the donkey would be available for their use. It is Jesus himself who then rides the donkey into Jerusalem. Oh, if this donkey could speak—what lessons he could teach us. Join us this week at Sedona United Methodist Church as the Rev. Fred Mast shares an inspirational Palm Sunday message entitled “Lessons From A Donkey”.

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