Fear is a powerful emotion. We’ve all dealt with it. Fear of loss, fear of the unknown, fear of pain or of death. Fear can either motivate us to action or it can paralyze us. In the Gospel of Mark Chapter 4, Jesus has just finished a long day of teaching by the Sea of Galilee—He has been teaching about the Kingdom of God. Jesus had grown tired, so he and his disciples begin to cross to the other side of the Sea of Galilee and as the evening turned to night, a storm suddenly approached.

The fishing boats used by Galilean fishermen at that time had low sides (so that the men could cast and draw in their fishing nets) and would have been easily battered by the wind and waves. Mark tells us that their boat was quickly beginning to be swamped by the waves of a storm. The disciples were confronted by fear—but not the ordinary fear of everyday life. This was sheer terror, the kind of fear that happens when you are confronted with something that is far larger, far stronger than you have the power to control.

Where do the storms that we face come from? What causes the rough seas and howling winds to blow through our lives? Why are we so fearful, so afraid when they come? Join us this week at Sedona United Methodist Church as the Rev. Fred Mast continues a Lenten sermon series in a message entitled “When Jesus Is in the Boat”.

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