In Matthew Chapter 28, we see that great statement in verse 19 “make disciples of all nations,” and we are under no assumption that this is something new. It fact is not something new. It is something very old, for God in the very beginning intended to bring humankind into fellowship and relationship with Himself. In fact, it wasn’t until humans in sin fell away from God that God even designed separate nations. It wasn’t until God needed a witness nation, a missionary nation that He called out Israel to reach the rest of the world. This nation was unable to accomplish this daunting task alone and so God called on a small remnant of people to continue this mission. And it is that which brings us to Matthew chapter 28 and the words of Jesus “make disciples of all nations” which were given to 500 disciples on a hillside in Galilee—this believing remnant out of an apostate Israel. It was to them and all those who would be of like faith with them, which this command comes.

But this is only an echo, an echo of God’s original intention to reach the entire world. Even in calling Abraham, He said, “Out of thee will come a seed and through that seed will all the families of the earth be blessed.” And it was to the nation Israel in 1 Chronicles chapter 16 that God said, “Declare His glory among the nations,” and in Psalm 96 where he called for “His wonders among all people.” And in Isaiah 42—43—52 and yet again in Isaiah 66, we hear the prophet who speaks, as it were, the heart of God telling the people to spread the message to the world. It has always been God’s desire to reach the world of lost people and bring them into fellowship with Him—as in 1st Timothy chapter 2 in verses 3 and 4 where it says, “God our Savior wants everyone to come to the knowledge of the truth.” The heart of God has always been a heart with the desire to reach all people of the world.

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