img_09191492During his 30 plus years walking upon this earth, Jesus encountered many individuals. Woven into the gospels between the miracles and the parables of Jesus resides something very special—the relationships of Jesus Christ and the lives he touched and impacted in his journeys. Just as the miracles reflect the overwhelming compassion of God and the parables illuminate the pathway to heaven the relationships of Jesus exemplify everything the believer should know and emulate in relating to others. It brings us a glimpse of a Savior not stoic or placid, nor reserved or rigid; but instead we see the Christ who is vigorously and vibrantly alive. Jesus never retreats or places himself above those he encounters—but he greets everyone with respect, dignity, and compassion, and lives as one who is fearless and abundantly lovingly.

Join us this Sunday as Pastor Fred Mast begins a sermon series entitled “The Lives That Jesus Touched” looking at many of the biblical figures who were touched by the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. This week Rev. Mast will focus on Mary, the mother of Jesus exploring the places they called home and the lifestyle they most likely lived. This was a relationship that surely shaped the person Jesus would become as he grew into his earthly ministry. This was a very special relationship; more than just a mother-son, because Mary is one who becomes a deeply devoted believer in Jesus as the one true Son of God. Sunday mornings we enter the spirit of worship at 9:30 am featuring meaningful times of prayer, joyous music, and life messages that will help move you closer in your relationship with Jesus Christ. Immediately following worship you are invited to stay for the friendliest and best fellowship you will find anywhere.

Do you love music and enjoy singing? Then “Karaoke and Kappuccino Night” is for you coming on Friday January 27th beginning at 6:30 PM in our Fellowship Hall. We’ll have tunes from the 40’s, 50’s 60’s, 70’s 80’s and 90’s. We will have opportunities for group sing-alongs, solos and small group performances. Join us for a night filled with lots of laughs, great entertainment, fellowship, tasty desserts and “Kappuccino” (SUMC special blend of cappuccino). This is a free event for the entire community—Contact our office at (928)282-1780 for more information.

We offer a number of book and bible studies: On Tuesday’s at 10:30 am & 3:00 pm we offer a book study entitled “Half Truths”; Wednesday join our Men’s Bible Study at 9 am; and Thursday’s our Women’s Bible Study at 9:45am. So many great missions, ministries and events happening at Sedona UMC—Like us on Facebook and visit our website at In need of prayer?—Prayer requests may be submitted online or by calling us at 928-282-1780.  We are conveniently located at 110 Indian Cliffs Road off the Back O’Beyond roundabout on Route 179 in Sedona.