March 8th marks the third Sunday in Lent.  Understanding Lent means understanding the old testament.  Jesus was a Jew.  He believed in the Ten Commandments written in Exodus.  He believed that the temple was sacred and in John 2:13-22, the story is told of Jesus clearing the temple.  He told them if they tore the temple down, he’d rebuild it in three days.  They took him literally and scoffed.  They knew they’d build the temple in 49 years.  Jesus wasn’t talking about that building but his own body and when he rose after three days, they were made believers.  Come hear what Jesus was doing during his numbered days before the Cross.  What was he trying to show us?  Do we put ourselves behind what he meant for us to see and do?

Mission is at the core of what Christians purport to do.  Do we put ourselves behind Mission?   Faithworks does.  Faithworks has contributed over $1 million dollars in materials, medicine, labor and services. They are able to accomplish this through the commitment of our membership and a clear understanding of our goals and values.  Faithworks Goals are four:  To create partnerships among Christian ministries and individuals which give volunteers hands-on involvement in ministry, increase partners’ understanding of one another, and educate partners about other areas of the nation and world; To improve or expand the physical facilities needed for a Christian ministry to accomplish its mission, or to help Christian ministries in construction projects related to their mission;  To provide medical services in under served areas; and To provide opportunities to teach children about the saving love of Jesus Christ.  Sedona UMC is a member of Faithworks and several people in our community have donated time and money and elbow grease to Faithworks projects.  Dr. Rick Brothers just returned from a medical mission in Sonora, Mexico.  Kenn Trout, Jeff and Suzie Dunn are headed to a project on March 7 at the Olive Branch, a community in the Verde Valley, for adults with special needs.  Projects are always being set up that last for one day to a week.  Jeff and Suzie Dunn participated in a project last year in Alaska.  If you want Mission to be your mission, look into Faithworks.  Join a group for a local project and see why people keep returning to help.

SUMC is located at 110 Indian Cliffs Road off the Back O’Beyond roundabout of Route 179 in Sedona.  Did you know that you can listen to a sermon or service that you missed?  They are online!  Visit our website or call 928-282-1780 for more information on worship, to hear past services, for missions, bible study (we have many groups tailored to the way you like to learn), Sunday School, youth events, and any of the many activities of our church.  If you need a ride to church, call us!  We have people in every area very happy to give you a ride.