Sunday, January 18th is Human Relations Day and we celebrate our differences and our similarities as we reach out to each other.  Sometimes referred to as Ecumenical Sunday, Pastor Jimelvia Martin will talk about our call to be citizens of the world.  We all know and cherish the hymn, “Here I Am, Lord.”  This is what Samuel was saying as he was being called to be a great person and to work for the Lord.  Here I am, Lord.  He didn’t understand at first–was it Eli calling?  Here I am, Lord.  No, it was a far bigger summons.  Eli figured it out before Samuel.  Sometimes our friends and family figure it out before we do.  What are we called to do?  How do we reach out to those who are similar to ourselves, but more importantly, for our own growth, to those who we see initially as different?  We all want to help.  Can we walk the walk like Samuel did?

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