Sedona Area Gap Assist Program

A donation based not for profit program through Sedona United Methodist Church designed to assist Sedona area low income families and individuals in filling the gap for personal care and household products not covered by S.N.A.P.

Sedona Area Gap Assist Program lends a hand to those families and individuals in need of personal items that are not otherwise covered by state and governmental assistance programs.  S.A.G.A.P. is a non-profit program administered through the Sedona United Methodist Church and items are distributed by the Sedona Food Bank.

Items accepted by S.A.G.A.P that are not covered by the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Personal Hygiene

  • Shampoo and Conditioner

  • Bar Soap

  • Hair Brushes

  • Combs

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste

  • Deodorant

Household Products

  • Laundry Detergent

  • Dish Liquid

  • Paper Towels

  • Cleaning Supplies

  • Sanitizing Wipes

  • Trash bags

Health Aids

  • Toilet Paper

  • Adult Incontinence Products

  • Sanitary Napkins and Tampons

  • Diapers

  • Baby Wipes

  • Adult & Baby Tylenol

Where to Donate

Item donations may be dropped off at the Sedona United Methodist Church during regular office hours Tuesdays through Thursdays, 9:30am until 4:00pm and Fridays until noon. Check or money orders are accepted by mail:

Make your check payable to Sedona United Methodist Church and send to:
Sedona United Methodist Church
110 Indian Cliffs Road
Sedona, Arizona 86336

Sedona United Methodist Church offers an electronic check or credit card option. If you would like to donate to the Sedona Area Gap Assist Program, you may do so by using our online system. To access the system, please click the “Donate Now” button and select the SAGAP option.

For more information please contact DeNise Bowers, Sedona Area Gap Assist Program Founder at sagap.blessings@gmail.com