There’s a Bunny Hunt at Sedona United Methodist Church

The Bunny Hunt is back at Sedona United Methodist Church!  This year Ronaldo the Rabbit is on a quest to see Sedona and to make some new friends and invite them to Easter.  We will post several pictures during Lent and Holy Week.  Keep checking back and please leave a comment on Facebook so we know you are playing along.

The Hunt is on!
Where in the world is Ronaldo the Rabbit?

2023 Bunny Hunt

Ronaldo is up to his Easter tricks again this year!  He is busy inviting friends and neighbors to Easter at Sedona United Methodist Church.  There’s still time to get your “Egg your Neighbor” Easter invite and join Ronaldo in bringing friends on Easter.

Ronaldo Starts His Journey

Ronaldo is Thinking of Friends to Invite to Church

Ronaldo Waits for Responses

Pam the Lamb wants to come.

It is working!

They invite some bunnies

And then they invite 2 friends

And so on….

Until there’s a whole pew full!

Success!  Share the Love of God with Friends and Family this Easter.

2022 Bunny Hunt

Where in the world is Ronaldo the Rabbit?
To view the answer, slide the arrow on the right side of each photo.

Ronaldo Starts His Journey

Just Starting Out

Taking Off

Checking out a Canyon

Taking a Tour

Looking for Ghosts

Taking in a Show

Watching the Wind Blow

Learning about Old Times

Taking a Hike

Going Shopping for Easter Goodies

More Shopping

Sliding into home

Taking a Canyon View

Ringing a Bell on Easter

2021 Bunny Hunt

2020 Bunny Hunt

Easter & Holy Week Schedule

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