Probably nowhere else in the New Testament do we see Jesus’ desire to save His people more than in John 10:11-17 where Jesus states that He is the “Good Shepherd.” This picture of Christ as a shepherd invites us to consider the great love that Jesus has for those who are part of His flock.

The life of a good shepherd was not an easy one!  Beside the important task of keeping watch over many sheep, the shepherd was also responsible for finding water and food for the flock that by their nature were timid and fearful of nearly everything—Sheep are so easily frightened that they won’t drink from rapidly moving water even when very thirsty; which is the reason David shares that the Lord who is his shepherd led him beside “Still Waters”.

Then there were issues of disease, exposure to the elements, robbers to contend with, and wild animals who would devour the sheep if given a chance. There was even the issue of dealing with hirelings who when danger presented itself simply ran away to preserve their own life rather than caring a protecting the sheep, to them it was only a job.

Join us this week at Sedona United Methodist Church as Rev. Fred Mast continues a sermon series based on the seven “I Am” sayings of Jesus and shares this important message from the 10th chapter of John’s Gospel in a message entitled, “Savior Like a Shepherd Lead Us”.

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We offer several weekly book and bible studies: Tuesday’s join us @ 1:30 pm for a new study based on the series “The Chosen” at The Gathering Place in West Sedona; and Thursday’s Women’s Bible Study at 9:45am. So many great missions, ministries, and fellowship opportunities at Sedona UMC.

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