Joshua was a warrior for God. He was a man who trusted the Lord he served, and that trust gave him courage to face anything. His name means “Jehovah is salvation,” and his life reflects the truth of his name. He had been one of the many who had been a captive in Egypt, and when Moses led the Israelites out of captivity, Joshua became a great leader among the people.

He had seen God’s power first-hand when the Red Sea was parted, and the Israelites crossed safely. Joshua also saw the Egyptian army’s fate as they attempted to recapture the Israelites. Joshua witnessed many more miracles, such as God providing manna every morning, and he saw the rock spew water when Moses struck it. Joshua witnessed God’s power, and that gave him confidence to trust God in all things. If others in that nation had the faith that Joshua showed, many believe they would not have wandered for forty years.

Joshua and Caleb tasked with scouting out this new promised Land discovered giant obstacles in the form of Nephilim. They brought back reports but also spoke with great faith that God’s will for His people would prevail. Joshua and Caleb were overruled because Moses listened to those who were ruled by fear. They walked away from their faith and God’s will for them. Forty years later, they returned to finally claim God’s promise.

I wonder, how much different things may have gone if they had worked together to face those things they saw as “too overwhelming? When you are walking with God, nothing can stand against you. Not even giants. Because of Joshua’s courage, the promise God made to Abraham was finally a reality. Join Rev. Fred Mast as he brings a message entitled, “Facing Our Giants Together with God”.

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