That first glimpse of Jericho was both awe-inspiring and frightening. This group had wandered in the wilderness for some forty years and now as they approached the city’s skyline began growing on the horizon. They had never seen anything like it and the closer they got the smaller they began to feel. They began all at once to realize why for generations before them the people had failed to enter God’s Promised Land. Fear and a six-foot wide lower wall backed by a fifty-five foot upper wall encircled this ancient metropolis. The mud-brick walls were thick and tall and made this twelve acre city appeared to be an impenetrable fortress—it seemed like God’s promise was anything but possible and the battle plan, it seemed nonsensical: “Your army is to march around the city once every day for six days. On the seventh day you are to march around the city seven times”.

What is your Jericho? Does it seem impenetrable to you? What promise(s) are you praying around—What miracle are you marching around? These are some of the questions Rev. Fred Mast will look at this week at Sedona United Methodist Church as he continues a sermon series on prayer entitled “The Prayer Saturated Community”. This week we will focus on this very powerful story found in the sixth chapter of Joshua. It took over four hundred years for God’s people to garner the courage and the faith to come to this point of entering this promised land—proving once again that God’s promises don’t come with expiration dates! Sunday mornings we enter the spirit of worship at 9:30 am featuring joyful music, special times of prayer and passionate life changing messages designed to move you closer in your relationship with Jesus Christ. Immediately following worship you are invited to stay and join us in our Fellowship Hall for the friendliest and best fellowship time you will find anywhere featuring delicious snacks and great coffee.

Children and youth ages 4 to 17 are invited to participate in our six-week Theatre Camp beginning June 19th through July 29th. This amazing opportunity is brought to you by the Emerson Theater Collaborative and sponsored and hosted by Sedona United Methodist Church. The camp will feature acting, improv, lighting and costume design, directing, daytrips, workshops, performance’s and more! Camp runs Monday-Thursday from 9AM to 3PM. For more information contact the Emerson Collaborative Theatre (860)705-9711 or visit the website – Space is limited and scholarships are available. Community performance dates will be announced soon!!!

We offer a number of book and bible studies: Wednesday’s our Men’s Bible Study at 9am; and Thursday’s our Women’s Bible Study at 9:45am. So many great missions, ministries and events happening at Sedona UMC—Visit our website at us on and “Like” us on Facebook.  We would love to pray for you!—Prayer requests may be submitted online or by calling us at 928-282-1780.  We are conveniently located at 110 Indian Cliffs Road off the Back O’Beyond roundabout on Route 179 in Sedona. Come and grow with us!