“And as Jesus was setting out on a journey, a man ran up and knelt before him and asked him, ‘Good teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?’ “. (Mark 10:17) Matthew told us he was young, while Luke said he was a ruler. Why does this young man rush to Jesus now, just as Jesus is leaving town? Maybe he had struggled for days wanting to approach Jesus, but not wanting to be a bother, or maybe struggling with admitting that he needed help, breaking down at just the last moment. Was it possible that Jesus was the first prophet he had seen who actually paid attention to the young, as Jesus demonstrated in the preceding passages? This man was “rich” and yet all of his wealth could not buy the type of love and affection he saw in Jesus. This young man surely had heavy responsibilities and struggled with them, certainly they weighed heavy on his mind. And now, suddenly just as Jesus was biding his final farewells, the young man wanted an audience with Jesus rushing to his feet—and crying out, “good teacher—good teacher”.

Departures have a way of bringing forth a sense of urgency. Departures, like little deaths, drive us toward action, drive us to do something. The young man had heard the farewells: “Goodbye, Jesus. We will miss you, thank you!” Partings often bring tears. Good-byes always have a way of bringing emotions to the surface. Would this be the final time the rich young man might see Jesus? “This may be my only chance”, he must have thought. “I can’t pass up this opportunity”, he reasoned. Join us this week as Pastor Fred Mast continues a sermon series entitled “The Lives That Jesus Touched” looking at biblical characters that were touched by the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. This week Rev. Mast will focus on “The Rich Young Ruler”—a young man truly concerned with discovering and securing the promise of eternal life. Sunday mornings we enter the spirit of worship at 9:30 am featuring joyful music, special times of prayer and life changing messages designed to move you closer in your relationship with Jesus Christ. Immediately following worship you are invited to stay for the friendliest and best fellowship you will find anywhere featuring delicious snacks and great coffee.

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