Throughout recorded history, God has provided to us a roadmap in which the prophets foretell various signs and conditions. These prophets spoke of the things that humankind should watch for, so that the Messiah would be recognized and believed. These signs or “prophecies” were given to us in the Old Testament which is the part of the Bible written hundreds of years before Jesus’ birth, its writings being completed in 450 B.C. The Old Testament includes about sixty different prophecies, with more than 300 references, of the coming of the Messiah. It was through the fulfillment of these prophecies that Israel was told she would be able to recognize the true Messiah when He came. The four gospels of the New Testament record several occurrences when Jesus himself said that He was fulfilling a prophecy of the Old Testament.

This week, Pastor Fred Mast will continue a sermon series exploring some of these prophecies and the questions Jesus asked his disciples in the three synoptic Gospels: Mark 8, Luke 9, & Mathew 16.  “Who do people say that I am… and …who do you say that I am.”  These are two of the most important questions which we must contemplate and seek answers for. Join us as we hear the voice of the prophets of old, and seek these answers together in a very spirit filled time of worship in a welcoming and loving community of faith at Sedona UMC.

Come and rediscover who Jesus is for you in your life as we begin our Journey to a Holy Lent. Come and be moved and filled with the Spirit as we sing, pray, and worship God together in a warm and welcoming community of faith. No matter where you may find yourself in your faith journey—you are welcome at Sedona UMC!  Please join Pastor Fred Mast for a Lenten Bible study called “24 Hours That Changed the World.”  This will be a seven-week study that began Wednesday, February 10th, at 10:30am in our fellowship hall.   All are invited to join in any week.  Opportunities abound for adult Bible studies–Monday evenings beginning at 6:30pm, Men’s Bible study on Wednesday mornings at 9am, or our Women’s Study on Thursday mornings at 10 am.

Our chancel choir and our new bell choir are always looking for new members.   It’s hard to top the gorgeous music of the Easter season!  Sedona UMC is located at 110 Indian Cliffs Road, off the Back O’Beyond rotary on Route 179, in Sedona and worship starts at 9:30 each Sunday in the sanctuary. Childcare available.  Visit or call 928-282-1780 for more information on worship, getting a ride to church or any event, Family Movie Night, to hear past services, for missions, Bible studies, Sunday School, youth events, and any of the many activities of our church. There is something very special happening at Sedona UMC, and we would love for you to be a part of it.  Everyone is family here–come and experience it first-hand.