Tuesday, February 9,  (4:30-6:30) will be an evening of food and fun.  On the last day before Ash Wednesday and the onset of the more solemn days of Lent, the congregation of SUMC will enjoy pancakes, ham slices, and fruit salad.  (Diabetic and Gluten Free Choices will be available.)

WHY PANCAKES, you ask?  According to church lore, tradition required all Christians to clear their pantries of all rich, sinful, indulgent foods, such as:  eggs, butter, cream.  Therefore, the custom of making pancakes on Shrove Tuesday (the day before Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent) began.  In England, where the tradition began, they even conduct pancake relay races in which the participants run while flipping pancakes in a skillet.

Of course Shrove Tuesday also has other names and customs in other parts of the Christian World.  Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) is observed in New Orleans with excesses of food and “spirits” and elaborated masks and lots of colorful beads.   In Rio and other parts of Latin America, Carnival is celebrated with lavish costumes and parades.

However, at Sedona United Methodist Church, the observance of the last day before Lent will be celebrated with wonderful food and friendly conversation.

The “Cow Mascot” will be present, because the supper is a fundraiser for Heifer International, a charity that provides live animals to indigent families around the world.  The gifts of live animals enable these families to become more self-sufficient, since the animals can be bred to provide food and an income.

Tickets on sale before and after church service. Tickets also available at the door. Tickets: $5 adults $2 Students Children under age 5 are free.