Generations of believers in the Judeo-Christian tradition have been guided by God’s gift of the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20.  These ethical guides teach us how to live faithfully, how to love God well, and how to love our neighbors.  God’s laws are like road signs that help us to know how to drive safely: ignore them, and things may not work out well for us or for the people around us.  At the same time, Jesus teaches us to interpret these laws with mercy, compassion,& wisdom; for they are meant to bless and not burden God’s people.  We are not commissioned to be God’s law enforcement officers; we are sinners redeemed by grace, meant to walk humbly with others in Christian friendship, seeking together the way that leads to life.

Please join Sedona United Methodist Church for Worship on Sunday, March 30th as Rev. Matt Ashley shares the message, “Stop Signs.”  Nursery and Sunday School every week and all are welcome!   Sedona UMC is located at 110 Indian Cliffs Road, just off the Back O’ Beyond roundabout on Route 179 in Sedona.  Many opportunities exist to be part of this season of Lent including bible study, United Methodist Women, outreach activities, yoga wellness classes, children’s play groups, and choir.   Call our office for more information at 282-1780.  Catch up with us on the web at